SMR Whitepaper: Off-Grid Market Applications
SMR and Advanced Reactors are now shaping a new nuclear energy landscape, with designs no longer just targeting electricity generation.

Hot off the press for 2019 is our brand new 11-page white paper: The Future of SMRs and ARs: Off-Grid Market Applications, exploring how SMRs and ARs could provide more than just power to remote communities and mining projects in Canada, as well as to U.S. military operations.

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Want to know more? Here’s a sneak-peak of what you can expect:

  • Which Alternative Markets Could Utilize SMRs? Explore how SMRs could create huge opportunities for the military, the mining industry, remote communities, shipping, and oil sands
  • Expert Insight from… University of Saskatchewan, MIRARCO, and Pacific Northwest Nuclear Laboratory, including the challenges which must be overcome to utilize the full potential of SMRs
  • DoD actively pursuing mobile nuclear reactor deployment: Get insight on how the U.S. DOD is now actively pursuing the deployment of mobile nuclear reactors to accompany the U.S. Army deployed to remote and/or off-grid regions

Download your copy of the whitepaper now >>>

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