Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants in the United States: Plans for Today, Planning for Tomorrow
With massive political, industrial and operational change on the horizon for the Nuclear Decommissioning industry, the importance of understanding the market of the future is more significant than ever before.

Nuclear Energy Insider has recently produced a U.S. Market Forecast whitepaper, aiming to identify risk factors for premature shutdown and which plants are likely to close in the next 10 years.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see in the whitepaper:

  • Predictions for upcoming reactor closures: Hear expert opinions on which operational plants are currently at risk of premature closure due to the shifting political, economic and regulatory landscapes and learn where procurement opportunities may lie
  • The latest market forecast: Get an industry update on the U.S. plants currently in decommissioning and those already announced to shut down in the next 10 years to identify key market openings and where to focus your business efforts
  • How can we save plants from early retirement? Ascertain the industry’s response to plant closures and understand how the risk of premature closure can be mitigated through state support and the use of tax credits

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Don’t miss out on key information in the Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel industry and the future opportunities that it will create.

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